EPPX Construction is a full service general contractor based in El Paso, Texas. With extensive experience in commercial construction, consulting, and real estate development. We seek to provide a dedicated team, committed to our clients, short and long term goals.

Mission Statement

EPPX Construction strives on creating long lasting relationships with our clients, consultants, and vendors. By making the building process enjoyable and beneficial for our clients, we consistently provide them a quality product while providing remarkable services.

What is our objective?

EPPX Construction seeks to tailor its experience and capabilities to our clients’ demands and expectations. By empowering our clients and communicating through the construction process, we strive to deliver a quality product on time and within budget.

About EPPX Construction

EPPX Construction is a full-service general contractor that started in 2014. They have successfully completed 35 major projects during their three years of business, gaining a reputation for high-quality service in commercial construction, real estate development, and construction consulting. Originally named EPPX for offering commercial construction services in El Paso and Phoenix, the company has now expanded to regions in California as well.

Chris Malooly Jr., EPPX President, used his degree in Construction Management and years of being a general contractor to create a thriving business.

“We believe in service, we respect our clients, and we take pride in what we do,” Malooly says.

His team consists of highly educated and experienced construction contractors, with all project managers having at least a four-year degree in construction management and all laborers bringing 30 to 40 years of field experience.

The team has proven to be extremely thorough in their work and are dedicated to going the extra mile for their clients. They focus on creating long-term relationships versus having a one-and-done project mentality. If going the extra mile means working 24/7 for weeks to expedite a project and get their clients on track with where they need to be, they are willing. EPPX strives to create an enjoyable building process and eliminate client fears of construction contractors by providing top-notch quality and service customized to client needs.

From office buildings to schools, restaurants to retail stores, EPPX focuses on learning each client’s target market and industry in order to adequately guide them in their commercial construction project. The company has taken on the commercial construction of various franchises, including Head Start, Starbucks, Domino's, Dollar Tree, Medici, Johnny Rocket’s, Pizza Hut, and more.

The team at EPPX truly enjoys the building process and feels most rewarded when satisfying their customers' needs and dreams. One of their proudest moments was turning over a 30,000 sq. ft. preschool for underprivileged children in a tight time frame so that the children would have a new and safe place to learn and play.

EPPX is dedicated to providing a different level of service, one that is readily available, responsive, and treats its customers with respect and hospitality.

Building your future

We let our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction be our slogan.